Part 6: Praise Him (Again). Doug & the Slugs, Music from a Sick Man’s Bedroom

Song Five, Praise Him (by Doug and the Slugs)

v. 1 If any man be in Christ, then he has become a new creation.

Old things have passed away, behold everything has become new again.

God no longer knows the things that brought you to this place before you came here.

He only sees you holy now, faultless and blameless as you’re standing here.


Praise him, lift your hands and praise him.

Praise him; Praise the name of Jesus.

Praise him.

 v. 2 Through the blood of Jesus His righteousness is like a flowing water,

Totally covering his garment of praise will now adorn you.

We live and reign forever, as kings and priests,

His blood is flowing through you now,

Royalty has finally found a place in you.

You can listen to this song by clicking on the arrow below. Allow some time for the song to load.


Doug’s guitar, Bible, and worship books as displayed at his funeral in Grand Forks, ND

Such a quiet, worshipful, prayerful song. Listening to it brings tears to my eyes.  It seems to me that Doug is recognizing, with humility and gratefulness, the new life he has in Christ. He is forgiven; blameless before God.

I have to admit initially I had a difficult time understanding many of the words of this song.  The accompaniment is louder than the vocals.  I listened over and over and wasn’t sure I got them all right.  At first I thought this line in the first verse said

He only sees you holy now, hopeless and blameless as you’re standing here.

The word “hopeless” doesn’t seem to fit in with the thoughts and mood of this song, but I couldn’t make out what else that word is.

After pondering it for I while, I thought that perhaps it does fit.  We are hopeless without Christ.  And God knows that.  We have no ability to stand before a holy God without accepting His love demonstrated through the work Jesus did for us on the cross.  We began that journey of becoming a new creation – we have become before God, and we are becoming in this life.  This work of becoming is not finished in this lifetime. Yet every experience, every joy, every sorrow, every bump in the road can be an opportunity to let God shape us into that new creation we are becoming, if we let him.  And along the way, we realize that it is the righteousness of Jesus that clothes us, and “royalty has finally found a place in you.”

And then, after checking with Doug’s wife, I learned that the word was “faultless” instead of “hopeless”.  Well, in spite of the fact that we are hopeless without Christ, God graces us with Christ’s righteousness when we come to faith in Him, and we are “faultless” before Him.  That is a truely amazing gift of love!

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!  (I John 3:1)


I invite you to listen to this song again.  Listen to it several times.  Sing along.  Let your voice praise along with Doug’s. Have you received God’s forgiveness by accepting his love as demonstrated through Jesus? Do you see yourself as God sees you?  As a new creation?  As covered and flowing with the life of Christ in you? If not, would you like to?  Talk to God about your thoughts and desires. Talk to a trusted pastor or friend who could help you.

Doug, Allison & Kate in Seattle for Aunt Susan's wedding

Doug with niece and daughter (L-R) in Seattle, WA, 1993, for a family wedding.


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