I love fall, with the leaves turning colors and the temperatures growing cooler. In Kansas, we usually have a few false starts before the sweaters and jackets come out for good and the summer attire gets packed away.

We have seasons in life as well, and the transition from one season to another can bring with it a sense of anticipation, or feelings of confusion and loss.  Sometimes these transitions bring questions into our lives that we don’t know how to answer; questions about ourselves and our place in this new reality; questions about God we haven’t asked before.

Whatever transition you may be facing or traveling through, it can be helpful to find someone to accompany you on the journey.  Through Christian Spiritual Direction, you can experience just that; a companion who will listen to your questions and support you as you explore the changes you are experiencing or preparing to experience. A spiritual director is trained to listen non-judgmentally and help you notice God’s presence and activity along the way, as well as offer reactions and responses.  This person, in a formal, non-directive method, invites directees to discover a relationship with God, and grow deeper in prayer.

If you are looking for a safe place to explore a transition you are facing, I encourage you to consider engaging in spiritual direction. To learn more about Christian Spiritual Direction, read my blog post entitled “What Is Christian Spiritual Direction?” at



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